For your fresh or frozen seafood needs, look to Water Street Seafood.  When Water Street says fresh, we mean fresh!  All of our seafood is handled with care, which assures you of prime quality and utmost freshness from our products.  Whether it's custom cut fish, or an order of frozen shrimp, we put our pride into every order.  You get what you want when you want it!

From the Boat to You in One Day!

We deliver throughout North Florida six days a week and ship freight orders all over the United States and Canada.


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Located in one of the most productive and pristine areas of the Gulf of Mexico, our fleet of fishing boats produces the finest seafood available from the Apalachicola Bay region.  We can offer you over 50 species of fish and a wide variety of shellfish.  Water Street has the fresh seafood you demand as well as offering a full line of the finest frozen seafood from all of over the world.

When you want seafood, you want it now, and Water Street Seafood delivers.  Our refrigerated trucks leave every morning to distribute throughout the northwest Florida region, plus shipping via air freight from two area airports to all parts of the world.  Sections of the Southeast are serviced by truck on a weekly basis.


Water Street Seafood

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